Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Song of the Day

Fresh off their 7th studio album El Camino, this is "Dead and Gone" by one of my favorite bands, (and actually American, wow) The Black Keys. With DJ Danger Mouse (of Gnarls Barkley, The Grey Album, Beck, Broken Bells, The Gorillaz) producing the album, and the duo continuing their garage rock n' roll sound, need I say more?

Seriously, if there is ONE thing you do this week, go buy El Camino. Hell, all 7 of em!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


The other day, I was watching TV when I saw a tourism commercial promoting visiting the Gulf. Considering I am a Floridian, the advertisement caught my attention.

Initially, I thought, "Awwww, how nice!" Typically you see individual states being selfish promoting tourism within their own borders, so I was pleasantly surprised to see a commercial for an entire region, instead of the average state commercials. Including Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, the commercial represents the entire Gulf, as they encourage visitors to "Come on Down" during the cold winter months.
Yet, it allllllll made sense when I saw the end of the commercial-- "Brought to you by BP." Ah HA! 

Naturally all of my prior sentimental thoughts immediately dispersed, and I quickly saw the commercial in a sinister light. After all, was it absolutely necessary for them to say, "Brought to you by BP" at the end of the commercial? The public would find out that they funded the ads eventually, whether by a convenient media leak, a press conference, or a secret informant months down the road! But bottom line, we all would have eventually discovered the good-hearted intentions of whoever created the Gulf commercials. BP, have you forgotten that you released 200 millions gallons of oil into our precious Gulf, killing 11 workers, destroying our beautiful gulf and its wildlife, and putting thousands of restaurants and fishermen out of jobs during a recession?! It doesn't matter that you've created a 500 million dollar trust for scientific research at the Gulf, or that you are paying chefs like Emeril to promote the seafood, or encouraging visitors to return to the gulf, or that you've sent fish taco trucks down for the Bowl games. Because here's the catch: If you are going to pretend you are having good intentions, make sure you are telling the truth. The commercial boasts that "everything's open," though fishermen in the Gulf complain that half of the fishing spots are still closed due to oil contamination, and the shrimp count is waaaay down. Plus, the Gulf did not have their best tourism season ever, as hotels in the Gulf have reported the same revenues for the 2010 and 2011 season, despite the commercial's report. So in essence, while we applaud your mediocre efforts BP, creating propaganda and a false ad campaign certainly does not help your image. Like I said, the public eventually catches word of a company's campaigns or intentions, so to be ostentatious is not necessary. In this case, subtly would work best, because promoting the gulf without recognition, says a hell of a lot more than destroying it (and then wanting recognition to fix it.)

Watch the commercial I saw below. What are your thoughts?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Song of the Day

Gin Wigmore is a New Zealand-based singer/songwriter, who gained recognition in Aussie land after winning a songwriting competition. While the public knows virtually little about her, who cares, because when you hear her sound, you will forget about her mysterious past. While she released an album called Holy Smoke in 2009, it's the newest single off her upcoming album Gravel & Wine, that I'm interested in. Titled "Black Sheep," Gin Wigmore will definitely join the ranks of my favorites like Lissie, Ellie Goulding, Amy Winehouse, etc., and when you watch the video above, you will definitely hear how she fits in with that crowd. Think an Australian Duffy mixed with some major sass.

BTW, yes I FINALLY will get better about blogging. Not that it matters, considering I have 1 or maybe 2? followers. Yet, when I recall that I made keeping up with my blog as a new years resolution (more of an outlet for my benefit than yours, trust me), I realize that I've failed miserably at keeping my resolution. And then I remember, that I never keep my resolutions. oy vey....