Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Song of the Day

Lately my interests have been more musically centered. Not that they aren't always, but usually I like to incorporate things other than my current jam. Yet today I have little to say, and the song provides the explanation. Joe Purdy is simply amazing. Providing the same variety as Ryan Adams, his songs fulfill a wide-range of emotions. A hybrid of Ray LaMontagne, Ben Harper, & the Avett Brothers sound, you can easily see why he is one of my go-to's for a melancholy mood, or when I'm tired and lacking any pep in my step. Known for his songs like "The City," "Can't Get it Right Today," or "Wash Away," my featured song "Take My Blanket and Go" is one of my personal favorites.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Song of the Day

After a few weeks away at school, and such a busy summer, I decided it was time to head home and relax. In desperate need of some alone time and R&R, it's amazing what a three day weekend can do for your morale. Maybe I was in need of some major UV rays to perk my mood, or maybe I just needed to be around my goofy family, but regardless the break has done wonders. It's such a gorgeous day in Florida, that I won't even let the ever present humidity get me down. The breeze off the river is refreshing, the sun is warm on my face, and even the annoying mating lovebugs won't get me down. Today's song perfectly fits my mood. Maybe because I am a sassy firecracker myself, or because the song just fits my current mood so perfectly, but Ryan Adams and his band the Cardinals have a song for every occasion. Not only is he one of the most stylish musicians around, but he continues to reinvent his sound with every album--just don't call him Mr. Mandy Moore. Wouldn't you hate that?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Song of the Day (loooong overdue)

Well helloooooo blogosphere
I've really been slacking on this blog, and its had this extended hiatus because to be honest with you, I really wanted to be lazy. I had four months of summer ahead, a couple trips planned, a brief move to Atlanta, a new job, and I really just wanted to soak it all in, and absorb my new surroundings. In retrospect, it actually would have been nice to blog and document interning at Turner Broadcasting, my explorations of Atlanta, and the odd drunken late-night blogging as I tried out new bars. But in reality, it was nice to disconnect, and now I feel rejuvenated and eager to begin rambling blogging again. Now that I am back at college, and trust me, free from anything remotely interesting or exciting, I have plenty of free time to post new songs I love, give my very brutal opinions, and discuss pop culture. But I promise to be up to date. Below is Oh Land, the awesome Danish pastry who has really mastered her own sound. The spunk of Lissie with an almost Bjork, Regina Spektor-hybrid sound, she's kickass, and I can't stop dancing around to this song.