Sunday, September 25, 2011

Song of the Day

After a few weeks away at school, and such a busy summer, I decided it was time to head home and relax. In desperate need of some alone time and R&R, it's amazing what a three day weekend can do for your morale. Maybe I was in need of some major UV rays to perk my mood, or maybe I just needed to be around my goofy family, but regardless the break has done wonders. It's such a gorgeous day in Florida, that I won't even let the ever present humidity get me down. The breeze off the river is refreshing, the sun is warm on my face, and even the annoying mating lovebugs won't get me down. Today's song perfectly fits my mood. Maybe because I am a sassy firecracker myself, or because the song just fits my current mood so perfectly, but Ryan Adams and his band the Cardinals have a song for every occasion. Not only is he one of the most stylish musicians around, but he continues to reinvent his sound with every album--just don't call him Mr. Mandy Moore. Wouldn't you hate that?

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