Sunday, May 15, 2011

my 5 favorite things this week....

1. Smitten Kitchen
A food blog as visually stunning as it is informative, I am obsessed with this site. With gorgeous and intricate photos accompanying step-by-step instructions, its a stop to definitely add to a web-browsing routine. With recipes teaching you how to make homemade poptarts and or chocolate expresso souffle cupcakes with mint cream? Sold. 


2. Cal Gel
A gel nail polish that has been a secret of high end salons, that is finally is reaching our frequent Vietnamese hotspots, Cal Gel is a special polish that hardens with a thicker coat, and preventing chips. Claiming it lasts up to ten days, it really lasts up to around a month, with normal wear and tear. I typically cannot go 48 hours without chipping the polish, so to be on day 15 with not a single nick, smudge, or chip is amazing. The colors are limited, but there is enough to please any taste, unless you are one of the rare flowers who likes to ghetto-fy and decorate her talons. While its slightly more expensive around $10-15 extra, well worth the extra money. 

               3. Fishtail Braids 
Braids can make people look young, or even give off the softball-player vibe, neither which are attractive. However, they can be done in a sexy way, which is a perk since they are so great with keeping hair out of your face (something I personally hate)--so if my hair can be pulled back and sexy, it's a win win. I love fishtails braids because actually the messier the better, and its adds an interesting touch to a look. Now quick! See if you can learn by watching that uberfast clip--haha

4. Navy Seal Team 6
This should be listed as number one, (and posted way earlier) but in order to prevent major formatting troubles, I'm leaving it here at #4, but just know its in the top spot in my soul. Regardless, I don't even need to explain why this team is my favorite. 
But I was just thinking about the kind of men that compose this admirable and heroic team, and how they are so dedicated to their job and duty in protecting our country, but yet, they will never gain recognition, or ever be able to tell a soul that they had a hand in bin Laden's death. Can you imagine the kind of person you have to be to carry a secret of such magnitude around, and never want or receive credit? What a hero. That fact in itself, (having the kind of humility that you don't even want the credit or pride in telling America, anyone, or even your wife), is a trait not found in many humans. It's our natural instincts as animals to have pride, but the men of Navy Seal Team 6 maintain their silence because it was no more than any other job, and its their duty to protect us. Let that thought marinate.


5. Calvin Klein's dresses
Sleek and colorful, Calvin Klein's gowns have been brightening up red carpets all season, and not only for their eye-catching hues, but they gorgeous tailoring. Proving that simple is better, he embraces classic silhouettes, modestly hiding the body, while simultaneously showing it off as the impeccable tailoring highlights each wearer's sleek figure. The dresses aren't flashy, with no gaudy beading or over the top couture ideas, but simple, perfectly made gowns, period. A great example of how red carpet gowns should be, where the gown highlights and enhances the beauty of the star, not overshadows. So often at events the dress trumps the actress, and the dress wears itself. (i.e. Marchesa recently) But not CK--true, exquisite, and simple dressmaking. 

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