Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Summer Goals

1. Create an awesome summer playlist
2. Actually MAKE those road trips to visit friends
3. Go to as many outdoor concerts as possible
4. To walk more! doing errands, exploring, exercising, to local restaurants, whatever
5. Do a giant overhaul of my closet & throw out literally half of my clothes (then donate)
6. Go vintage shopping and buy some really classic pieces
7. Explore photography
8. Attend as many local festivals as possible: food, art, wine
9. READ MORE. go to old book stores
10. Buy really great, expensive, and life-changing shoes
11. Find lots of great costume jewelry
12. Visit New York and Savannah 
13. Go to some art gallery openings
14. Fix all of my broken jewelry
15. Be better about blogging (and writing in general)
16. Paint!
17. Find a cocktail thats simple to make, refreshing, & that I actually like to drink--(preferably a martini)
18. Learn how to meditate, and practice yoga regularly
19. Find a crockpot recipe that I can actually master
20. Open a mutual fund: I must learn how to save my money better $$$

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