Thursday, April 28, 2011

my 5 favorite things...

1. Lindsay Trial Fashion: (& her jail sentence in general)

Lindsay is one of my favorite trainwrecks, as she is not alone in her craziness, because a whole slew of other Lohan characters constantly follow her around, mirroring her antics with behavior just as bizarre. Complete with a stereotypical nutjob stage mother with Jersey skin more leathery than the Birkin-bag she undoubtedly is dying to get her grubby paws on, a sister who looks 35, and a father with a jail rap sheet as long as Lindsays. And her bizarre choices continued throughout her trials, as she made such odd and inappropriate fashion choices, like a skintight white dress, or sheer lace black top, plunging necklaces, and 6 inch sky-high stilettos. Not exactly oozing innocence. However, in her most recent court appearance, she wore blue linen wide-leg sailor pants that I loved. Detailed with buttons on the front, they were perfect for summer, but once again, not exactly screaming courtroom appropriate. I can see these with a tube tucked in, or sheer top with a tie at the neck, and some awesome bright espadrilles. 

2. Plum Sykes & the Royal Wedding 

I love Plum Sykes for her witty and hysterical banter in her perfect-for-the-beach summer reads, Bergdorf Blondes and Debutante Divorcee. A frequent featured columnist for Vogue, she writes the way I imagined Carrie Bradshaw did for her Vogue column, and I recommend her books to any girl who loves an easy, breezy, fun read. But beware, she might make you resent your lack of Louboutins in your closet. And any girl who watches the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will appreciate her resembalance to Lisa Vanderpump-Todd. Naturally, I would love Plum's commentary she made on Pier's Morgan's show as a coorespondent for the royal wedding, my current favorite topic. I personally am planning on manning a huge wedding-based-hub at 4am in my living room, hopefully complete with tea and crumpets. Regardless, you can bet I will be up and ready at 4am, a sacrifice I am willing to make, since a royal wedding, and event of this caliber only happens every 13 years. I am dying to see what Kate wearing, though secretly I am rooting for the ethereal concoctions of Sarah Burton, head designer for McQueen. Plum wore the designer for her wedding before his death, so be sure to check out the link, even if its just to see the gorgeous shot of Plum is her McQueen gown. 

3. Amour necklace

I am obsessed with Sydney Evan's gold & pave diamond amour necklace. It's a pricey for my student-budget, but it's definitely a future purchase of mine. 

(all images via Vogue)
4. Mary-Kate & Ashley's Vogue shoot

Being a girl of the nineties, it's no surprise I would love Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. A fan since their book and television series, I have admired the way they have maintained their sense of self despite the Hollywood machine, and its frequent tragic downfalls. Maybe its the heavy vintage clothes, or maybe its the fact that they have been millionaire moguls since the age of 6, that always causes them to look so bored, but they always look miserable! As if their precious Starbucks ran out of coffee or something. Call it edgy, mysterious, glamorous, whatever, I loved Vogue's recent photo shoot of the pair, since they look so playful and young! I always forget how young they are, and the shoot captured by Bruce Weber captured the essence.

5. Eric Clapton pre Eric Clapton: Derek & the Dominoes

Eric Clapton, like most of my favorite, and the most famous artists, comes from the across the pond, and is most widely known for hits like "Tears in Heaven" or "Layla." While he was in many bands before going solo in the 1980's, including the Yardbirds, the famous band Cream, and Blind Faith, my personal favorite of his first musical efforts was Derek and the Dominoes. Formed in the 70's before he went solo, the group featured Duane Allman from the Allman Brothers, but was short lived due to many tragedies. The death of Jimi Hendrix has Clapton distraught and unable to perform, and Clapton was madly in love with friend and bandmate, George Harrison's (of the Beatles) model wife Pattie Boyd. While Clapton later stole Pattie from Harrison and married her, I am thankful for his pursuit of Pattie, as their relationship inspired and birthed many hit songs like "Layla" and "Wonderful Tonight," and my personal  favorite, "Bell Bottom Blues." I love the soulfulness of the song, and how the guitar solos sound just like wailing, and a yearning to obtain something unobtainable. (listen below)

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