Friday, April 1, 2011

my 5 favorite things this week....

Since my taste and style is so fleeting, I've decided I'm going to start doing regular postings titled, "My 5 Favorite Things Each Week."

1. Cigarette Pants

So stylish and so chic, Audrey Hepburn was the first to make them look effortless and high fashion. Now copied and emulated by many high fashion models and celebrities, they are sexily highlighted by super high platforms, or simple flats. Now they are worn by some notable fashionistas like Kate Moss, or one of my favorite fashion-forward ladies,  Zoe Saldana. Très chic!

2. Adele's sophomore album, "21"

Her hit single "Rolling in the Deep" is a strong first release, but I love her throwback track like "Rumor Has It," or others like "Someone Like You" and obviously, "Set Fire to the Rain."

 3. Nazars

I can't explain enough just how much I LOVE these! Nazars are amulets used to ward off the "Evil Eye," an evil glimpse given by those who carry envy or evil spirits. I've loved these symbols, worn for protection ever since I first traveled to the Middle East, visiting Greece and Turkey when I was five. They are most commonly worn and valued in the Middle East, but its influence has recently spread to Western traditions as well. I have a large glass one catching the light in my window at home, but I also love when they are worn as jewelry. Stacking them as bangles, wearing around your neck, whatever, I love the look combined with their cultural significance. 

4. Swamp People

A show on the History Channel, it follows the lives of several men who catch American alligators for a living in the Atchafalaya River Basin in Louisiana. The show is hilarious, as the men have unintelligible Cajun accents, making it literally impossible to understand them, and maybe one full set of teeth among all 10 of them. The frequent overall and bandana sightings, combined with the risks and drama of catching deadly animals, its no wonder its the highest-watched show in the History Channel's history.

5. Brain Trainer

An iPhone app that boasts "reclaim your brain," it provides 3 games titled "Shapes," "Memory Matrix," and "Lost in Migration" which all help work to keep you sharp. I use this app before studying or anytime I remember to use it before something important, and I swear it helps. Or it at least provides the placebo affect, and it gets my head out of its fog. It offers a free trial version, perfect to give it a whirl at no expense!

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